Band Biogs

Suzanne (Vocals)

Suzanne started her journey in music at a very young age as an accomplished flautist playing many concerts and eisteddfod's. 

In her late teens she discovered her enjoyment of singing and studied many singers such as Dio, Pat Benatar, Doro, Anne Wilson just to name a few.  In her early twenty's Suzanne joined a local rock covers band and through them her confidence and stage ability grew.  After several years with the band Suzanne decided to move into session singing for studios and undertook several projects in different genres from dance to prog rock.  Her most prolific project was on the Nolan / Wakeman project 'Jabberwocky' which featured well know musicians such as Rick Wakeman (Yes), Bob Catley (Magnum) and Peter Banks (Yes).


After a long break from music Suzanne joined a couple of cover bands, 'Lady Luck' and metal band 'Trial By Fire' but her desire to play original music was strong and so a couple of years later with Dee's songwriting ability Everlust was formed.

Musical Influences
Stone Sour, Lacuna Coil, Primal Fear, KISS, Halestorm, Scar Symmetry, Black Label Society, Disturbed, Skunk Anansie, Pat Benatar, Hydrogyn, 3 Doors Down, Adrenaline Mob, Metallica, Shinedown, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Alice Cooper, Poison Black.

Corsets, True Blood and all things METAL!



  • Shure SM58 Beta

  • Boss VE-20

  • LD MEI 100 Inner Ear Monitor


Dee (Guitar/Backing)

Dee started his musical career as a frontman and lyricist for 'Lycanthrope' before dabbling in a few projects as a bass player and finally taking up six string lead guitar.


The influence behind Everlust stems from a large array of horror interests from across the media range (True Blood, Underworld , Clive Barker etc.).


Dee's songwriting ideas are a combination of the dark complexities of the human mind and the twisted acts that the human race commit.


Musical Influences
Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest and Abba.


Pagan ritualism, Clive Barker, Karen Maitland, the full moon and the dark arts.



  • Ibanez guitars

  • Line 6 effects.


The Baron (Bass)

Dom (The Baron) became involved with bands in the early 90s.  Firstly with Vendemmian, then with Prophecy playing prestige gigs at the Marquee and Camden Palace in London and also at Rock City in Nottingham.


After a hiatus from music Dom came back to join Lords of The Flame in 1999, then with Killscore, Kissing Serpents and Incarna.


Musical Influences
Fields of The Nephilim, Dead Can Dance, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Cradle of Filth, Moonspell, Rammstein


All things dark & macabre!  Tim Burton, Darth Vader, Batman, vampires


Uses and abuses

  • Schecter basses

  • Genz Benz and Orange amplification

  • Line6 effects

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